It's a GIRL! (Or at least we are 75% sure about that...)

 We were super lucky and got an ultrasound when baby was 14 weeks along!  The ultrasound tech, Jessica, was pretty sure it was a girl.  She was moving around so quickly in there, I was amazed I couldn't feel any of it!  We are SO EXCITED!  And we're hoping she is healthy and developing correctly.  I am pretty sure we can find out more about baby at week 20.  I have never seen Drew this excited for anything before.  He is going to be the best dad. :)


we're hoping its a pony...

Drew and I are proud & excited to announce our baby on the way!!  In July we found out we were pregnant and we've been in baby-mode ever since. The due date is 3.24.12!

Drew had a dream that the baby was a girl, a little blonde haired toddler running around.  I asked him what she looked like, and he said, "You know, cute like us."  I laughed and then he clarified... "Like when we were LITTLE!" 

I had a dream that I was looking at our fan in our room, and then there was a little screen on the fan which showed me an image of my baby, and it was a girl.

My boss at work "muscle-tested" me and said its a girl.  Not sure how much I believe in the muscle testing stuff... but we'll see what happens!!

I just used a Chinese table thing... its supposed to be 90% accurate on predicting the sex of your baby.  It said it was a girl.

But if it's a girl... that means I don't get a boy?! 

I hope its a boy for a few reasons and I hope its a girl for a few reasons.  Above all, we're just excited about whatever it is!!